German Shepherd Puppy Names

One of the great things about getting a puppy is choosing an awesome pet name. German Shepherd puppy names are often of German origin. Others choose a puppy name based on coloring or personality. While there are no rules for naming a puppy, remember you will be saying it repeatedly.

Here is my list of German Shepherd Puppy names:

German names for puppies

 Female: Adali (noble), Adrian (dark), Ahren (eagle), Amwolf (eagle wolf), Bem (bear), Elyse (noble), Emery (brave), Emilee (Emily), Evon (variant of Yvonne), Galiana (haughty), Emo (serious), Hedda (vigorous battle maiden), Hilma (protective), Jakobe (feminine form of Jakoh), Karli (womanly strength), Landra (counselor), Marlena (woman from Magdala), Milla (industrious), Roch (glory), Uli (mistress of all), Vanda (wanderer), Wandy (wanderer), Truda (fighting woman), Minna (love), Stark (strong), Geist (spirit)

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Male: Garon (guard), Freddie (variant of Frederick), Caeden (German sir name), Audwin (noble friend), Anson (son of Anne), Berowalt (mighty as a bear), Brock (variant of Brook), Emo (serious), Fonzie (abbr. of Alfonso), Garrick (rules by the spear), Hartman (strong), Jantis (sharp spear), Klaus (German of Nicholas), Kolt (coal town), Lewy (famous fighter), Lothar (renowned warrior), Nef (nephew), Rolando (form of Roland), Rainer (strong counselor), Rich (powerful ruler), Rune (secret), Tab (brilliant), Terrel (powerful), Waldo (powerful), Wolfgang (male)

Cute Girl Dog Names
Dutchess, Dora, Emily, Puff, Princess, Queen, Sassy, Licorice, Alley, Aster, Maple, Cammie, Mandy, Cotton, Mittens, Mistress, Honey, Sugar, Sweets, Vanilla, Teak, Jenny, Brit, Anitole, Goldie, Lexie, Swivel, Lulu, Kinder, Bontress, Spice, Asher, Annie, America, Patches, Sheika, Shasta, Winter, Vespa, Jasmine, Jazz, Frankie, Sassy, Phoebe, Kate, Hepburn, Chardonay, Merlot, Mercedes, Swish, Tara, Sabrina, Lisbon, Clayborn, Bonnie, Monica, Vanessa, Millie, Sally, Avenue, Lexus, Cadillac, Tessa, Samantha, Tabitha, Pepper, Dixie, Sapphire, Cashmere, Goddess, Worship, Kinder, Wander, Poise, Savior (girl or boy name), Babe, Basil, Dazzle, Zazzle, Brownie, Esther, Queen, Quest, Real, Annika, Teeka, Zumba, Jordan, Zuni, Honor, Majestic, Destiny, Sheena, Abby, Zelda, Zion, Mystic, Nurture, Nutra, Nanny, Kiva, Katy, Liv, Luster, Zenith, Massie, Nikki, Nikita, Nellie, Natalie, Nicole

Cute boy names for
Link, Scout, Scooter, Bart, Pete, Darwin, D.O.G. (dee-oh-jee), Luther, Maxwell, Baxter, Markus, Samson, Harry, Ditka, Favre, Peyton, Captain, Goober, Lex, Bonham, Carl, Sutton, Martin, Van, Donovan, McDermott, Boston, Bear, Frisco, Baloo, Gabe, Brink, Limmerick, Wisdom, Russell, Buster, Clyde, Dexter, Handsome, Mister, Service, Randy, Zephron, Lloyd, Flanders, Fallen, Hide, Lester, Forrest, Poncho, Alex, Pat, Wonka, Drake, Dusty, Warren, Shaggy, Bongo, Piper, Plaster, Monty, Tigger, Sundance, Butch, Costume, Prince, Legal, Buffer, Zen, Gauge, Custom, Castle, Island, Floppy, Gusto, Props, Pander, Bongo, Bluster, Buddy, Bruno, Bonkers, Major, Miner, Judge, Buckley, Bruiser, Harley, Hanson, Hampton, Houston, Hacker, Hudson, Rustin, Rouster, Ranger, Riley, Rapture, Reckless, Archie, Austin, Ashton, Excell, Ethan, Artie, Guardian, Esquire, Abe, Turk, Tark, Tiko, Timber, Yahoo, Gilbert, Virgil, Brewster, Mojo, Reacher, Tommy, Simba, Zimmer, Dexter, Draz, Fowler, Frazier, George, Griffon, Gatsby, Guthrie, Gather, Hercules, Justice, Si, Tanner, Kiko, Ceasar, Cheater, Flake, Zeus, Zeb, Zeke, Ukon, Digger, Caution, Tiger, Bravo, Alto, Joker, Jordi, Jedi, Jackson, Keeper, Lazlow, Jasper, Monte, Max, Mister, Miles, Macky, Nelson, Kingdom, Kindman, Sceptor         

Tough boy names for German Shepherd puppies
Speed, Monster, Spirit, Anikon, Fury, Limit, Thunder, Storm, Fever, Hercules, Zeus, Viper, Hannibal, Zephyre, Master, Pressure, Pyro, Sheriff, Wilder, Whip, Rock, Sultan, Wanted, Hero, Warrior, Spear, Laser, Finish, Mighty, Ruler, Zoltar, Rough, Tactic, Power, Anvil, Bully, Nitro, Busted, Ram, Steamer, Certain, Force, Tyrant, Menace, Iron, Axel, Chronic, Hinder
*Use care when choosing a tough German Shepherd puppy name. Large breeds get a bad wrap to begin with, they don't need to be sporting a serial killer's name on top.

Some of the most original pet names come from our own life experiences. My own dog, Meucci, was named for my favorite pool cue brand. Some of the best boy names for dogs I've heard while working at veterinary clinics and kennels include: Seventy-two (named for the first vet bill), and Forrest and Jenny (together from the movie "Forrest Gump").

Have fun with choosing a German Shepherd puppy name. Try out several to see what fits. We'll keep adding to this list, leave a few in the comment section!

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