How to Groom a German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog owners are some of the luckiest people around. Not only do they get to own a great dog, but those dogs only need bathed a couple of times a year! Unless, that is, they get skunked or roll in the mud or decide to photo bomb your Christmas card.

German Shepherds do need daily brushing to remove dead hair and keep shedding to a minimum. That's not a hard job though. They also need daily dental treatments, like all dogs.

Here are instructions for daily and full grooming of your German Shepherd Dog

Daily Grooming for a German Shepherd

1. Gather all tools first: slicker brush, shedding comb

2. Brush through the coat in both directions to loosen hair and check for skin irritations and parasites like fleas and ticks. Make a veterinary appointment for any new skin lesions or parasite infestations.

3. Use a shedding comb to remove larger tufts in thick hair growth on the mane, back legs and tail area.

4. Clean up the removed hair immediately. Take hair from a parasite infested German Shepherd dog outside and away from the home to dispose of it. Vacuum the area and remove the vacuum bag and dispose of properly.

Full groom for a German Shepherd
Should be done about three times a year or as needed for odors

1. Gather all tools: slicker brush, shedding comb, drain cover/hair catcher, shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner, cotton swabs or paper towels, heavy duty toenail clippers, styptic powder, emery board, and towels or a blow dryer.

2. Brush the German Shepherd in both directions and use a shedding comb to remove loose hair prior to bathing.

3. Put the dog in the tub and completely soak the coat. Look for parasites and treat accordingly. Look for raw or bare spots on the skin and report to your veterinarian.

4. Use diluted shampoo and work into the skin. Leave medicated shampoos and flea products on for the recommended time.

5. Rinse the dog's coat completely until water runs clear.

6.. Use diluted dog coat conditioner if your German Shepherd has a dry coat or if your veterinarian has recommended a conditioner. Rinse completely from the coat until water runs clear.

7. Put a few drops of ear cleaner in the ear canal and massage the base. Remove excess ear cleaner and dirt with a paper towel or cotton balls. Check for parasites and report to your veterinarian.

8. Dry the German Shepherd completely with towels or a blow drier. Never let a dog dry outside unless it is warm with little or no humidity. A thick coat can mold if not dried completely.

9. Use heavy duty toenail clippers to clip the toenails, and file any rough edges smooth with the emery board. Use styptic powder on any nails clipped too short or split. Keep the dog in the tub or bathing area for nail clipping so any blood can be easily rinsed off.

Do not bully any dog during the grooming process, go to the veterinarian or a professional groomer if you need assistance.

10. Reward your German Shepherd with attention and play time after the grooming process is done, or relax with the dog.

Grooming is important to the health of the dog. It allows the pet owner time to inspect the coat for parasites and any new lumps or bumps. By keeping up with daily brushing and hair removal there will be much less hair shed onto furniture in the home. You and your dog will also enjoy the time spent together during the grooming.

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