YouTube: More Than a Great Place to Watch Dog Training Videos

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While YouTube is the best place to quickly find dog training videos in any style that suits you, there are other uses for dog owners too. From uploading funny videos of our dogs to showing an out of state dog trainer the exact issues you are having with your pet, YouTube is a fantastic resource for pet owners.

YouTube has the ability to lower the number of dogs left in shelters around the world if pet owners would avail themselves of the service. With tens of thousands of dog training videos uploaded already, you can surely find a training style and complete free instructions to solve most pet problems.

What's even cooler is that you can also upload your own videos of your dog showing the exact issues you want to address. By recording the dog during the unwanted behavior and watching it back later, pet owners can see what they are doing wrong to warrant the bad dog behavior. You can also work with dog trainers around the world by showing the issues in your dog video.

Uploading funny pet videos is one of the best features of YouTube. Not only watching the videos, but being the camera person is usually hysterical too. Pet owners can now make their dog a star, if they choose to, by uploading videos of them doing their crazy stunts or showing off their amazing talents.

You can even make money by sharing your dog videos on YouTube now. Advertisers are lining up looking for the hottest video makers online. If you prove you are one of them the profits could be endless.

Funny Dog Video on YouTube:

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  1. I wish people would be more responsible with their animals. If one chooses to have them, get them fixed and take care of them. If people did that, we wouldn't be over run with those in need of rescue. Such a large over population of cats and dogs. If one has them, they need to take care of them.