Introduction to the German Shepherd Dog

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The German Shepherd dog is best known for its confidence and intelligence. The breed was developed from farm and herding dogs in 1899 in Germany, and first brought to the AKC in 1907. German Shepherds quickly became one of the most loved dog breeds by families around the globe, and remains at the top of the list for the most popular dog breeds.

AKC Breed Standards for the German Shepherd Dog:

The GSD should present as a muscular thick bodied dog with a sleek look from head to toe. The pose is different from most show dogs (parallel front and back feet), the GSD stands with one hind leg firmly under the body with the other slightly in back... at the ready.

Male German Shepherds should measure 24" to 26" at the highest point of the shoulder. Females should stand 22" to 24" at the same position.

Standard coloring is black and tan, with rich dark colors being preferred. Light muted or washed out colors (including blues and livers) are serious faults. White German Shepherds must be disqualified from the show ring. While the white German Shepherd is beautiful to look at, it is the most serious breeding flaw.

Personality traits of the German Shepherd dog

All GSDs should be confident and approachable. While this breed is used for guard dogs, they should never be the instigator of trouble. A German Shepherd should be alert and at the ready for work.

A perfect fit in a family, German Shepherds get along well with children or in large households once proper introductions have been made. While the dog will enjoy a place in a large family unit, it will likely bond closest with it's trainer. Shepherds do not give love away easily, but once they accept someone its for life.

The Germans Shepherd is highly trainable and retains it's training for life. This breed is used most in these careers:
  • police work
  • military work
  • service dogs for the handicapped

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