About Me

A little about myself now. My name is Christine Cameron and I'm a retired dog groomer and animal handler. I've been working with pets of all sizes since I was 14 years old. I've worked in veterinary offices, a greyhound dog farm, horse farms, a dog grooming shop and I even owned a small pet shop for a time.

When my back finally gave out for good I had to quit working completely. I still have my German Shepherd, Sheba, but things are getting hard on both of us (arthritis and all). I now try my best to pass along the secrets to working with animals that I've learned over the years.

I've trained many dogs, both my own and for others. Though it's really a matter of training dog owners on how to give commands and respond to their dog's behaviors. Once you learn how to communicate with your dog you will both enjoy a happy life together.

I've had my German Shepherd for just over a year now and she sparked me to put together this site. Sheba was a rescue dog that wound up rescuing me!

I was a mess after having to put my Cocker Spaniel to sleep when he was struck by a sudden illness. He became critically ill in two days and had internal bleeding for no apparent reason. We tried everything in those 48 hours, but it became more humane to let him go. I was truly heartbroken. He was almost 12 years old.

Sheba needed a foster home, and the next thing you know, I adopted her. She is a perfect fit for me, and I to her.

Thank you for reading about German Shepherds here!